About US

Founded in 2017 in Longhua, Shenzhen, China, Kangxun Technology is not merely an electronic parts supplier,, but a team of professional engineers that focuses on advancing mobile phone repair screen qualities, integrating product development, improving manufacturing processes, supplying fit-for-purse components, providing excellent technical support and after-sales service.


Kangxun has been and will always commit to the philosophy of offering sincere services to our customers, and is devoted to providing one-stop comprehensive shop for mobile phone repair screens. Different from conventional mobile phone repair screen suppliers, Kangxun Technology is an enterprise with comprehensive product research and development capabilities. Our core staff are all senior engineers with more than ten years of industry experiences, have complete mobile phone screen software and hardware development capabilities, and can provide a full range of high-quality mobile phone repair screen products to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Sean Qiu

CEO and Software Engineer

More Detail

Our business has been operating as a key player in the mobile phone screen industry locally and internationally, thus can provide customers more cost-effective products of better quality on one hand and has the ability to provide timely and professional technical support for solving various problems encountered by customers on the other hand. We strive to bring a more convenient purchasing experience to our customers. We offer a range of cost-saving options including but not limited to genuine parts, AAA replacement, TFT (on cell/in cell) , or OLED (HARD OLED/SOFT OLED) products, and you will be kept fully informed of these options.

Kangxun Technology continually monitor and incorporate input within the industry to jointly improve the quality of mobile phone repair screen products. We also aim to continually optimizing our comprehensive service capabilities, reducing costs, improving quality, and achieving better outcome together with our customers.