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Modern age Mobile Display & Technology Update

In the past few years, full-color flat-panel displays were represented by TFT- thin film transistor, LCD-liquid crystal display, which have empowered many new applications such as notebook PC, digital cameras, flat-screen tv, etc. In today’s high-tech world still research & development efforts are undergoing to support the requirements of smartphones. It is the right time to focus on the display technologies in terms of brightness, image contrast, and color spectrum to upgrade the display.

China has become the hub of modern technologies to develop global semiconductor displays. According to CCID consulting- a market research firm, china has generated more than 580 billion yuan, or approx. $82.1 billion in the market of display in the year 2021. It has alone contributed 37 percent to the global display market. China mobile phone screen manufacturers are leading their country to attain a benchmark in the modern age of mobile display and technology.

With a yearly production limit of display panels, china crossed 200 million sq-meters in 2022. Probably the reason behind it is the increasing number of mobile phone screen distributors in china. It ranks no.1 globally in promoting applications in smartphones, laptops, tablets, or other devices.

Technically, the best choices for the latest mobile phone displays are as follow, so let’s round up below in the table-

Mobile Display
SmartphonesMaximum Brightness Higher is goodMinimum Brightness Lower is goodColor Temperature- In KelvinContrast Higher is goodDelta E Grayscale Lower is goodDelta E RGBCMY Lower is good
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra688 (Very good)1.6 (Very good)6418 (Very good)Unmeasurable (Very good)2.53 (Good)1.31 (Very good)
Sony Xperia 1 IV902 (Very good)1.7 (Very good)6561 (Very good)Unmeasurable (Very good)1.6 (Very good)0.91 (Very good)
OPPO Find X5 Pro575 (Very good)1.9 (Very good)6498 (Very good)Unmeasurable (Very good)2.9 (Good)0.74 (Very good)
OnePlus 10 Pro575 (Very good)1.9 (Very good)6383 (Very good)Unmeasurable (Very good)2.95 (Good)0.75 (Very good)
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max1033 (Very good)1.9 (Very good)6716 (Very good)Unmeasurable (Very good)5.56 (Very good)1.98 (Very good)

Looking back from the years 2012 to 2021, china has had massive growth reaching 26 percent with compound annual growth. The modern display technology includes OLED- organic light-emitting diodes and micro/mini LED micro/mini light-emitting diodes. Vice-minister of industry and information technology, Wang Jiangping has strongly remarked to support the new display technologies to boost financial growth.

By 2024, china will be the largest OLED manufacturer, and many companies have invested in new OLED manufacturers, especially for the best mobile screens. Xu Fengying, chief operating officer of Visionox Technology Inc. proudly said, that OLED display screens will surpass over 100 million units by 2028 and has brought out multi-medium-sized products such as laptops, tablets, wearable gadgets, and screens for vehicle mount-probably China will have more Mobile Phone Screens Company.

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